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For times just like this one..thats why we do what we do!

Being a dog breeder has it's definite rewards or we wouldn't be doing it at all.  We dedicate every facet of our lives to our family, our dogs, our horses and our bulls but there is absolutely no way to get around the fact that all of this it is a ton of hard work!
If you don't enjoy taking on challenges, getting dirty (& really smelly)and working with incredible risk -don't do what we do!
Our dog's, horses and bulls are more than just our companions, they are our professor's in the subject of life itself. We are better people for having them in our life despite the fact they certainly make us work for the grade.
The truth is both Jeff and I would rather spend time with our animals then chat with friends. (I know how bad that is and I still love you all of you read this!!)  We all stay busy here at the arena and farm.  My daughter Taylor is a huge help and really could not be replaced by any hired help.  In all ways she is growing up and taking on more everyday and doing a great job.
One question that people seem to ask me most is "How can you let any of them go?" Boy that has been a journey in itself.  Many tears have fell and will fall in the future.  I recently parted with my baby Brat and everyone was shocked that I did.  I cried, and could now I am sure if I think on it to much - but he got a Great home where he is spoiled rotten and loved so much.  Seeing them together made me happy.  I know how perfect he was, how he could almost talk to you and as silly as it sounds  - did talk to me.  How could his new best friend 's life not be significantly changed by adding my little man to her life.  It was changed and she now has my little love who will always do just that, Love her.
I think it's rewarding - yes sad but really neat to touch people with just a little bit of good in there lives.

Yes..Taylor hard at work!


JA Performance Horses Inc.
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