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Shipping and transporting is often one of the greatest concerns our clients have when purchasing a puppy.  Many times our clients are not local and a trip to our home and facilities just isn't possible.  As much as we prefer to meet the new families that our babies are going into we understand that logistics many times just make that impossible. 
We offer air and in many cases ground shipping options.  If our puppies are going into homes that are within a reasonable driving distance we prefer to have them travel by car with door to door service.  What is a reasonable driving distance to us?  If one of our puppies is going into a home located within the South Eastern portion on the United States we would rather arrange ground shipping then to have them flown to you.  We are not in any way against air shipping, please do not miss understand us, but when our babies can be handed to there new families -- why not chose this option.  In most cases there is little price difference and the level of attention and care is insured.
Shipping by air or ground typically runs $250.00-300.00.  A shipping crate, airline approved (and perfect for crate training at home), health certificate, blanket, and food and water bowls are included.  If you are choosing to have your new puppy flown via air you can prepay for these services when you pay for your puppy so all you have to do is be there on time to pick up your new addition.  We typically use Delta air lines and have found that they do an exceptional job with our fur babies.  They can be a bit more restrictive with high and low temperature restrictions - and this can sometimes be frustrating for both the new families as well as for us however these guide lines are in place for your babies protection not to make anyone angry.  I would much rather wait a day or so for the correct temperature then to place any life in danger.  Ground transportation has no temperature restrictions as the babies travel right inside the vehicle with heat and air conditioning.  
No puppies are shipped before they reach a minimum of 8 weeks of age and in most cases we prefer they are closer to 10 weeks of age.  Our T Cup babies are often held even longer as we make a serious effort for them to reach a full 2 pounds before they travel by air.  When there adult size is estimated to be 3-3.5 pounds this can be very tricky!  We have had T Cup poodles who's adult size was actually under 2 lbs when fully grown and transportation in any manner other then door to door was impossible in our eyes.  This lucky client chose to fly in to pick up there baby and returned by plane with there very special baby safely tucked below there airline seat.  With a little planning, this was actually less expensive then traditional shipping methods and we were tickled to be able to meet his new mom in person right at the airport.
If you are local and would like to consider becoming a ground transporter, please check the link out below, we would love to speak with you.             

Click here if you are interested in becoming a ground transporter.


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