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We temperament test each and every one of our fur babies so you can be a well informed buyer.  We ship a large number of our babies all over the country to families that have chosen there new family member by our conversations and recommendations.  Let's face it, the cutest photos usually win when it comes to choosing your new family member when you cannot be there in person to meet each one of them.  Many times even when you can be there in person you don't know what to look for in a puppy personality and choosing a personality that suits your life style, hopes and dreams is important!  Because it is, we temperament test each of our babies.  All of our puppies are handled from day one, they have received tons of love and they know what kindness is.  Not all dog breeders give this attention to there puppies.  It is sad but true.  With all of the love and attention, each baby has a slightly different personality and you need to not only chose the cutest face or photo graph but the puppy who's temperament and personality are going to be a good match for you and your family.  Below is a guide we use to help determine each puppies temperament and personality.  Feel free to ask us how each puppy has scored before picking our your new fur kid. We not only want you to be happy with your choice but we also want your puppy to find it's forever home and not be re sold or given up because the fit just wasn't right.   Below the chart you will find our recommendations for each type of puppy and the type of home it will thrive and do best in.  This is only a guide but we have found it to be most helpful when clients are choosing a new addition to there home. 

Pet the puppy in a stroking motion from head to toe, Lifting up feet, tail, and ears.  Is the puppy accepting and willing to be petted and examined? Is the puppy sensitive about one particular part? Is it  sensitive about all parts?  Does it try to bite your hand? Is the puppy completely uninterested in your petting?
Pick the puppy up and cradle him like a baby or (for a larger dog) gently roll him over, belly up and feet in air.  Place your hand gently over his throat.  Does the puppy allow you to place your hand over its throat without a struggle? Are its eyes wide with fear and its body stiff?  Does the puppy wiggle madly to right itself?  Does it growl and bite at your hand?  Does it wiggle to right itself and then hurry away to do something else?
Test the puppy's reaction to sound: Use your voice to make 
a) a high pitched noise 
b) a deep gruff noise 
c) a whistle. 
Throw a squeaky toy near the puppy.  Rattle a set of keys. 
Is the puppy curious and wagging its tail? Does the puppy look scared and run away?  Does the puppy try to bite and attack the objects?  Does he bark loudly at you? Does the puppy ignore all of the sounds and act disinterested?
Put a collar and leash on the puppy: Wait and observe the puppy's reaction.  Then try to move a few steps with the puppy. Does the puppy not react at all to the leash and collar or react with some curiosity? Does he walk with you? Does it freeze in its tracks and not want to move?  Does the puppy bite at the leash and want to tug on it?  Does it completely ignore the fact that you are at the other end of the leash and show no interest in walking with you? 
Test the puppy's reaction to the outside: Take the puppy outside. Try to find squirrels, birds, cats, and other people to expose it to. Does it stick near to you but show a curious interest in these other things? Does the puppy cower and run the other way? Does it bark furiously and lunge at everything it sees? Does it act very uninterested in the things you show it but very interested in everything else it finds on its own?
Test the puppy's responsiveness to food: Give the puppy food in a bowl and fill it with canned dog food.  Before the puppy finishes, remove the bowl and take the food away. Does the puppy wag its tail and look expectantly at you? Is it too scared to eat ? Does it bite your hands, bark, growl or jump up on you to get the food back? Does the puppy act very uninterested? 

Puppies that are found to be highly responsive are excellent choices for the show ring and the busy family life.  They usually love children and tons of activity and train easily.  They adapt to new situations easily and are not nervous in new situations.  These are the "show off's" with the "look at me" personalities.  These make great purse puppies or lap buddies.  If you plan to spend tons of time with your new fur kid, take them to work, have them in your bed and always with you-take a good look at a puppy classified as responsive!  If you all work away from the home and the kids are always gone and going other places this may be a poor choice for your new puppy as they are going to want and need a lot of your attention and to deprive them of that could only make your new puppy a sad one.

First lets get this straight this doesn't mean you have a killer on your hands.  This is usually a highly confident puppy who is assertive and very sure of themselves.  This behavior has certain benefits and if channeled correctly will produce a fantastic family pet and possibly a guardian.  *they come in all sizes you know*  Discouraging ruff play and teaching control commands from day one is important. Don't allow chewing on your hands or aggressive behavior towards other animals.  Taking your puppy that is classified as "aggressive" (I hate that word) out into the public and allowing them to meet tons of people and go lots of places is vital when they are young provided they have completed there full series of puppy shots.  Enrollment into an obedience class would be an excellent way to bond with your new puppy and channel that assertive behavior in the right directions.

These puppies require a slightly slower way of going.  They aren't comfortable in huge crowds right off and will need positive reinforcement from it's new family that everything is ok.  Usually these puppies rapidly come out and "blossom" as long as they are handled correctly by there new family.  Don't baby these puppies and talk baby talk, be reassuring to them, pat them firmly and let them know everything is ok.  "Oh baby are you so scared, mommy is here" and holding them tightly will make them think that there is something to worry about so stop it!  Let them know that everything is ok and soon your shy puppy will be outgoing and happy to know that there is nothing to be afraid of!  Often these puppies do better with older children or no children in the home.  These are often an elderly or retired single or couples dream dog. 

Puppies that we classify as Independent are perfect for the dog that will be spending a good bit of time home alone.  They do not have that extremely high need for constant attention and are happy to play with there toys and entertain themselves.  This doesn't mean they aren't going to be happy to see you when you come home, it means they will be less demanding of you.   Lots of single people who work away from the home, well this is the perfect type of dog for you.  Families where the kids are gone and school all day and both parents work this may be the perfect type of personality for you as well.  If you chose a puppy that is extremely demanding of your time and you don't have it to give, you are going to end up with a destructive unhappy puppy.  That is not only sad but it should never happen if you have done your home work and your breeder has done proper temperament testing.  These type of puppies do extremely well when they have an outdoor kennel so when the family is away they can be outside and entertain themselves by watching the birds and other animals and enjoy the indoor family time when you get back from your long day at work.  In many ways this is the perfect family pet for busy working families!  Don't over look the independent puppy if your a busy house hold--an overly needy puppy could be a disaster for both the new puppy and your family.  If you are seeking a purse puppy or a constant lap baby, chose a puppy that suits peoples needs and pass on the independent puppy.


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