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    RCC Cattle Company offers you some of the finest in today's bucking bulls.  If you an ride our bulls, you can ride anywhere.  We are currently looking to add a few Grade 2 bulls to our inventory for the less experienced riders or those looking to practice without getting on a bull that if you ride you'd win the rodeo on.  We do have practice nights at Riveree Arena but suggest you call ahead to insure we are bucking.  If we are hauling out to a rodeo we may not be having practice nights (Tuesdays at 7 PM) because the bulls have just bucked or are about to buck.  Please call 770-527-7602 before you head out to insure we are indeed bucking. 

Josh Disharoon, Jeff's Grandson
Bull Riders Come In All Sizes!



The Bulls....
Voo Doo Child #52.  Voo Doo is one of my favorites around here.  He has an explosive style and is high jumping with great kick and a quick whip about him.  If you ride this one, you've won the rodeo. Turns back both ways hard.  That's all I need to say about this one. Short go bull.
Chinese Bandit. 3C Bandit is a long time favorite as well.  This banana horned brindle is dynamite in bull hide.  Un ridden in 2 1/2 YEARS.  This one is smart - he'll big jump on out there a few to see what way your going to go and then he makes his move.  I can't tell you if he is going to go left or right because only Bandit knows.  Like all of them Bandit can get a little snorty so get up and out of the arena as quickly as you can - Bandit will be looking for ya. Another short go bull.
G Spot..he's a fun little bull dog of a red brindle turned down horned bull.  G Spot is lighting fast and turns back both ways with incredible speed.  He has great kick and puts on a super show every time. Another short go bull. 
Trace Chain..everyone loves his look.  This bull looks like a rodeo bull should look.  Out of the famous Blue Duck he is a super Plumber bred bull.  He has great size and an awesome look that only his bucking can match.  I can't remember the last time this one was rode.  His first jump out gets them every time.  He is a hard turning, hard kicking bull that is awesome to watch. Watch him he is a head hunter as well. Another short go bull.
Cowboy's Dream..should have named this one Cowboy's Nightmare.  This black brindle bull is big horned and wild.  His last out was explosive - turned back in the gate and hard.  It didn't last long because he lost his rider of coarse.  It use to be that I would suggest newer riders start with Cowboy's Dream but his bucking style and skill has improved so much I really can't do that anymore.  Cowboy loves to buck and certainly is getting the job done.  Another short go bull.  
Boss Hog..this one will eat you up!  Super high kick, great whip and an all around awesome bull.  He can be a little hard to get out on so watch yourself in the chutes if you dare try this one.  When you come off, get up and out of the arena because Boss is famous for eating riders and bull fighters up.  He will camp out on you.  This is a big bull, super strong with tons of talent.  Another short go bull. Boss Hog is owned by Eric and Shelia Brannon and bucks here at Riveree Arena.


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