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Little Petros - 3.5 Lb Chihuahua Stud For Sale
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Report Date: 08/21/2008

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Little Petros

Reg Name: Little Petros
Reg #: TR465788/01 06-07 Breed/Variety: Chihuahua
Birth Date: 01/04/2006 Sex: Male
Colors/Markings: Black White Markings
Breeder(s): Argelio Estrada/Natacha Barbarrosa

Little Petros
TR465788/01 06-07
Black White Markings
Pratt's Silly Billy
TR026580/02 02-04
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V387751
Pratt's Richie Legacy Que
TN902965/04 05-01
AKC DNA #V227242
CH Ray's Richie
TC883525 11-89
Black & Tan
CH Ray's Tuffy
TC449562 07-87
Jonhenri's Gypsy Alamo John
TB811676 10-81
CH Ray's Taffy Bolero
TC198152 01-86
Woods Bolero Naughty Alice
TC443437 11-87
Black & Tan
CH Pittore's Saber Song
TC002333 12-83
Black & Tan
Helene's Lisa
TB819687 05-82
Blue & Fawn
Pratts Georgie Que
TN092640/01 05-96
Pratt's Wizard
TM813846/02 04-94
Black & Fawn
Beard's Pratt Golden Glow
TD314201 01-92
CH Pratt's I Que
TC692049 09-92
Black & Tan
Pratt's Georgie Girl
TD204797 12-92
Black & White
CH De Niza's Playboy Mattie
TC691205 02-89 (Canada)
Black & White
Pratt's Basic Lucky Page
TC694911 04-88
Alorna's Pratt's Blossom
TM787474/02 12-93
White Fawn Markings
CH Royal Acres The Deacon
TC641016 06-87
Fawn & White
CH Royal Acre's I Magnum
TC380746 03-86
White & Tan
CH Jes Hinderliter's Of Ginjim's
TB760397 07-81
Chocolate & White
CH Flint's Hello Dolly Of Royal Ac
TB736469 04-82
Fawn & White
Royal Acre's Annaconni
TC260876 10-86
Fawn & White
CH Royal Acre's Robinito's Pride
TC028068 07-84
Fawn & White
CH Royal Acre's Gaila De Flint
TB936095 07-83
Fawn & White
Alorna's Somer Sunshine
TM619802/01 06-92
Black & Tan
Alorna's Lucky Ace
TD205951 02-91
Black & Tan
CH Ray's Richie
TC883525 11-89
Black & Tan
Fullmer's Lucky Ace-A-Spades
TB841626 04-82
Black & Tan
CH Bayard Some Like It Hot R
TC190069 12-87
Black & Tan
CH Rjr's Reginald Of Bayard
TB517051 05-79
Black & White
Bayard Seattle Sue Of Flint
TB916684 10-82
Black & Tan
Hunter's Blue Diamond
TR256713/01 03-05
Oak Forest's Spritely
TN803916/04 04-00
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V184668
Peter The Great Fox
TN139221/01 11-95
Black White Markings
AKC DNA #V92754
Sunrise Lil Rusty L Moda
TD334327 12-92
CH La Moda The Red Baron
TC883695 06-90
Sunrise Lil Goodie Tu Shoes
TC866160 06-90
Shadows Lil Bell
TM952790/03 11-94
Black White Markings
Sunrise Lil Rusty L Moda
TD334327 12-92
Abernethy Tinker Bell
TC936567 03-89
Senorita Cita De Hernandez
TN291708/02 12-97
Black & Tan
Mr Conan De Hernandez
TN164392/02 01-96
AKC DNA #V104792
CH K-W's Painted Star Of Milady
TM721112/02 04-93
Sable White Markings
AKC DNA #V229732
Miladys Ladybug
TM943477/01 06-94
White & Fawn
Senorita Coco De Hernandez
TN111156/01 06-95
Chocolate Sabled Fawn
CH K-W's Painted Star Of Milady
TM721112/02 04-93
Sable White Markings
AKC DNA #V229732
Milady's Gypsie Queen
TD140394 03-90
Oak Forest's Butterfly Wings
TN905507/01 02-02
Red & White Black Brindling
Ome Speedy Bear
TN620181/03 11-98
Black Black Brindling
CH Ome Allspice Bear
TN336430/01 02-98
Fawn & White Black Mask
CH Pittore's The Body Guard
TM884574/04 04-96
Ome Cinamon Bear
TN112885/03 04-96
Fawn White Markings
Lovebug's Ome Ypes Stripes
TN145512/05 02-98
Fawn Black Brindling
CH Pittore's Megabuck
TD344229 04-92
Blue & Fawn
O Pags' Gypsy Wind
TD384615 10-91
Kaniela's Susie Q
TN638586/05 11-99
Chocolate White Markings
Snyders Little Crocket
TN407037/04 04-98
Fawn & White
Kylers Keeko Toy
TM671297/02 10-96
Fawn & White
Goldie Snyder
TD248552 10-96
Lovebug's Mocha Bardeen
TN388559/01 05-97
Chocolate & Tan
Kiamichi Dynamite Of Hay-Day
TC388859 07-87
Ome Ms Red
TM691701/01 05-93

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