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T~Cup Schnauzers?  Is it true?  Yes!  T Cup Schnauzers are very rare if almost impossible to find.  Our adult male is a tiny 2.5 pounds of pure love.  All three of our girls are a tiny 5 to 6 pounds.  This unusual size is just spectacular.  Many years of hard work and carefully planned breedings have gone into these truly special dogs.  Our adult dogs aren't simply the runt of the litter.  They aren't this adorable tiny size because of anything other then a seriously planned breeding program.  These babies have all of the coat, conformational structure and personality that the larger Miniature Schnauzer have  They have excellent health and are of nice breed type.  Can you picture in your head a fully grown Schnauzer who never gets any larger then 4 pounds?  Well, they are here and we are so please to be able to offer them to the finest of homes.  When choosing our T Cups we opted to go the extra mile and seek out rare colors and patterns as well.  We have luscious Chocolate as well as Parti colors.  We will not only be producing some of the tiniest schnauzers in the world but also extremely colorful and unique patterns.  
Our T Cup Schnauzers are all for sale.  We have three females and one tiny male for sale to an approved breeding home.  These dogs are for sale while we make plans to be a poodle breeding kennel exclusivly.  Watch for our poodle clan to grow! 

Adult Size:          3.5-6 Pounds
Appearance:        Traditional Miniature Schnauzer
Colors Available: Black, Chocolate, White, Black/White Parti & 
                            Chocolate/White Parti  
Registration:         AKC Limited and or CKC
Estimated Cost:    Female $ 2,000 and up
                            Males   $ 1,200 and up
We have T Cup Schnoodles babies!!  Inquire about this super litter that has just arrived!

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