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Parti Colored Standard Poodles

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Exquisite Gypsy

**All of our standard poodles are currently for sale.  Please inquire if you are interested in the trio of parti colored poodles we have to offer.  We are seeking an exceptional home for the trio and Gypsy is currently expecting puppies!**Exquisite Standard Poodles...the finest poodles you can add to your family.  We offer you the incredible classy looks of a finely bred Standard Poodle but do so in the highly fashionable Parti colored variety.  Understand that you cannot show these beauties in AKC competition however UKC does allow them.  CKC also allows Parti colored dogs to be shown and they are currently working to add more conformation shows to there program.  AKC being the largest and most prestigious registry in the United States, I wish they did allow the magnificent parti colored dogs to be shown, however I certainly respect them keeping the integrity of the poodle standard and not allowing it.  
Parti colored poodles aren't anything "new".  They have been showing up in poodle bloodlines for ever.  Breeders learned over the years to keep there pedigrees "color pure".  To get the finest in white poodles, you breed white to white to white to white etc.  When you see pedigrees where the colors are mixes (black to white, brown to creams etc) you see more "miss-marked" dogs appear.  Years ago breeders destroyed these puppies for fear of people learning that there dogs had produced these unwanted poodles.  Today breeders are more forgiving and less embarrassed of these "flawed" poodle colors.  They actually have become highly prized among pet owners and breeders started breeding to improve the quality in the oddly marked poodles as well as with the normal color variations.  These beautiful poodles are now as correct in conformation as some of the nicest show dogs around~they just have an extra bit of flash to them with the striking color combinations of today.  Because these parti colored dogs have become so popular you will see them advertised for sale much more then in the days past.  Unfortunately, there has been a good bit of bad breeding done just for the sake of the high price tags that fashionable trends bring.  I have been a poodle lover my whole life and a groomer for over 15 years.  I like the odd colored poodles and have chosen to breed parti colored poodles but have not sacrificed the other qualities that make the Standard Poodle so special.     
Gypsy has just beed bred to Tux our Blue and white parti colored male.  This is a Parti to Parti breeding so expect PARTIES!!  Get your reservations in early, poodles of this quality and color will not be looking for perfect homes long. 

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Exquisite Standard Poodles prices will range from $800-$1500.00 each based upon the same scale as all of our other dogs - color, size, sex and quality.   

Exquisite Tuxedo Man


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