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Exquisite Bed, Bath & Breakfast
The total pet vacation destination will be awaiting your beloved companion!  Currently under construction our facility is a Country Disney Land for Dogs of Distinction.  Wether you chose a posh suite or perhaps an exceptional hotel room your pet will receive a level of service that no other facility can offer.  Love, companionship and the finest of care.  We will be offering the finest of professional grooming services as well as day care services to our select clientele.  While your here, you may just find the perfect addition to your family as we raise a variety of exceptional puppies created for the sole purpose of being life long beloved companions of the finest in quality.  A beautiful, well bred, intelligent dog speaks volumes about it's owners.  What that furry companion gives to you is priceless.  Dogs give unconditional love an devotion, qualities we rarely find in humans.  How had is that.  They deserve to be taken care of in a manner that they deserve an they will be here. We chose the name"Exquisite Bed, Bath & Breakfast" because all Exquisite Puppies are just that Exquisite-weather they came from here or not.  They will all be loved like they were raised here from day one.
 **Exquisite Bed, Bath & Breakfast will be opening ... well just as soon as it's completed.  I was hoping for Valentines day but we are way behind on our building plans at this time.  We had originally planned for a concrete and tiled floors but with tons of research and what we already know about how hard concrete is on our own bodies let alone our dogs we have chosen to go a new route with a raised solid flooring system, this will not only allow for disinfection an proper cleaning but not be hard on the legs an bodies of our babies and yours.  With concrete estimated at $11,000 alone this new flooring system has almost doubled what our original plans were.  Jeff is also going in for a total knee replacement the first week of February and with these unexpected costs this has really slowed us down on our building.  We are seeking perfection and luxury for our dogs and yours so...I will keep you updated on when our facility will be open for outside business.  Due to the rising costs of this immense project I have been forced to offer for sale many of our beloved pets and breeding dogs.  I can tell you, this has truly broken my heart.  This choice hasn't come easy for me but I have a goal in mind and I want the dogs that we own and the pets that we care for in only the best of situations.  Since I am apparently not lucky with the am suffering the hardship of placing many of my breeding dogs to be able to house our animals in a way that will make anyone truly proud.  Upon completion this facility will be a unique and delightful place that will silently scream quality.   You will find only the best at Exquisite.  The finest quality puppies, the finest quality pet products and a level of care that is unsurpassed in this type of business. Our kennel is currently an outdoor facility and our runs are all a large 8 'x 16' in length.  We intend to keep these large enclosures for all of our furry companions but it will be all indoor.  Our suites and hotel rooms will be posh so your beloved fur babies will be completely comfortable while they stay here with us.  I want Posh and affording this is keeping me up at night and forcing the sale of many of my dogs that I truly love...any partners out there with a pocket full of money - please get in contact with me! The Georgia weather is beautiful but with the recently cold spells and the heat we all know is coming in the summer, I am really looking forward to getting our new Bed & Breakfast completed.   


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